Extra-Curricular Clubs


At Cuckoo Hall Academies Trust (CHAT) we understand the importance of extra-curricular activities. Enfield Heights Academy provides a broad and diverse range of activities clubs every day from 3.15pm to 4:00pm for children in Year 1 and above. We recognise that these activities provide the children with valuable learning experiences outside of the every day curriculum.

Enfield Heights Academy works hard with our parents to select appropriate clubs for each year group. A termly meeting with parents, as part of the coffee morning rolling programme, enables staff to arrange the best possible providers for activities that suit the children’s current interests and needs. This structure means that clubs change every term.

Whilst the school heavily subsidises activities clubs and utilises permanent staff to support the smooth running, often, there is a small fee required to join the club.   Clubs are limited in spaces and are therefore allocated on a first come, first served basis.


For more information on our current Activities Club please contact the school office.


  Examples of "Paid" Clubs     Examples of "Free" Clubs
  • Multi-Sports
  • Gardening
  • African Drumming
  • Handwriting
  • Gym
  • Choir
  • Karate
  • Writing
  • Football
  • Creative
  • Musical Theatre
  • English
  • ICT
  • Homework